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I replaced plugs wires and coils and added injector cleaner. Car runs rough

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Is this swap really worth it? Has any of you did this already ?'s picture

air or heat comes out, but a clicking sound starts and continues for about 4 minutes after the car is shut off.

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I revved up my engine and drove around the street and upon pulling back up there was smoke coming from underneath the hood i assumed the smoke was white but it was dark out. I shut tha car off for about 15 minutes and when i started it up to...

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where is the back up battery for the NSTAR system located on a 2009 Impala

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i own a 2005 chevy impala what would make the headlights shutoff while driving.the car has automatic headlights.

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I was told my fuel pump was bad and needed replaced I put new pump in car ran the same took new pump out put a new one in car runs the same when I put my foot in the pedal the car bogs down. anyone have any idea what it could be.

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Vent on the right side, around the glove box is attempting to move after auto is shut off. Do not know how to access,

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Where is the door lock relay on a 2005 Chevrolet impala?

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Both sides front windows appear to be "off-track" am told need new window regulators how do you get the door panels off without damaging them tried and
though I had it but couldn't get the panel to release from doors all screws and "tabs"...

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Where exactly are the air bag sensors located on a 2000 Chevy Impala. My air bag light sometimes comes on while driving. Wanted to check connections.

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2000 impala 3.8 has code po300 random misfire
we have no intake or vaccume leaks spark plugs wires preplaced same code

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general motors 3 duce intake maniflod i think it's fits a 348 ci. in. engine

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Is the below true or false?

New Tires must go on the Back.

The depth of tread on a tire directly impacts at what point a tire will begin to hydroplane.

Tires on the front will typically wear more than tires on the rear of a...

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My 2006 chevy impala flex fuel started today clicking when you have the heat on in defrost or floor mode, It doesn't do it when you have it in vent or vent/floor mix, but when you have it in floor, defrost/floor, and defrost it will make a loud...

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I have a Chevy Impala LS 2001. The front end vibrates bad. I have changed the driver side CV axle assembly and checked both front wheel bearings. I cannot figure out what else there is to do. Any information that you can give me is...

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My driver side front window will not open/close. There is power to the motor. The glass is not broken.

year = 2000

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2003 3.8 chevy Impala can the mass air flow sensor be cleaned or should I just spring( 150$ and up ) for a new one

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Who is this? According to you, you have never joined that site.


How do i put one in and where can i find it at on the car.The switch/commutateur interruptor on a 2005 impala